Rickenbacker 4003 (SOLD)

Another legendary instrument at Rolly’s Guitars! It’s a Rickenbacker 4003. This is a Classic Rickenbacker bass, and it’s famous for its ringing sustain, treble punch and solid underlying bass. A subtle strip of binding graces the elegantly curved body and the Rosewood fingerboard. Deluxe triangular inlays and stereo capability are standard features.

Rickenbacker is the company who can be really proud of their real USA based producing and manufacturing. They don’t outsource anything to Chine or Korea and these instruments and all parts are built in their Santa Ana (Orange County) based factory.

This one has barely left its case. It’s in absolutely MINT, BRAND NEW condition.

It’s the modern version, with the ‘vintage’ push pull knob that allows for more tonal variations. This model also has the pickups with the adjustable pole pieces, which is very useful for setups.
It comes with its original matching Rickenbacker hard case (it has a few scratches but it does the job, have a look at the pictures)
RRP of this starts at £1639.
My price is: £1300


Body: 10 / 10 | Electrics: 10 / 10 | Neck: 10/10 | Case: 7 / 10