Vox AC-30 HW2X Hand wired – blue alnico (SOLD)

This is the top of the range VOX AC-30! Completely point-to-point hand wired, no PCB what so ever! Loaded with the legendary and most sought after Vox Blue Alnico speakers, these speakers are so hard to find and sounds so beautiful, they fill the room amazingly!
What else should I say? Even the most critical VOX fans and forums say that this is the best sounding and most reliable AC-30 ever built.
It’s got the typical VOX AC30 chime! It cuts through the mix like no other amps do. Insanely loud but very articulated sound, even when it’s cranked up, every note has the definition, fantastic clean – crunch tones, and very usable at bedroom volume level as well as it has the 15W switch and a very transparent MASTER VOLUME that keeps the original character(all the chime, bass and treble too) even on the lowest level! How cool is that the complete master volume circuit is bypass-able?
It’s in ABSOLUTE MINT condition, not a mark on it! It sounds and looks amazing, works like clockwork.

It comes with a Vox amp cover and a foot switch. RRP is around £2K now (check Thomann on Andertons…) but why would you spend that much when you can have this absolute mint, spotless amp for £1250? SOLD

Check my demos with it here: