VOX AC30 HWH Handwired (SOLD)

Here what we have is a point-to-point hand wired Vox AC30HWH head. This is currently the top of the range model from VOX. A legendary amp, legendary sound and look. This latest design is the most reliable AC30 ever. It’s built like a tank, even the most critical old-school VOX fans can confirm that these new era VOX amps are much more reliable then the old ones. So many bands use these on world tours.

This amp is in ABSOLUTE MINT, NEW condition. Not a mark on it. It sounds epic, check the features online, but I’ll tell you what the master volume feature was a great idea as you can crank this amp without killing yourself and your neighbours and the whole master volume section is by-passable with a switch so it works like the old-school amps then.

These usually go for £1250++ but you can have this MINT, UNMOLESTED amp for £850 SOLD

Check my demo video with one of these here: