2011 Gibson Custom Shop Historic ’56 Reissue Les Paul R6 VOS

2011 Gibson Custom Shop Historic '56 Reissue Les Paul R6 VOS

First of all, PLEASE WATCH MY WELL DETAILED, 4K, LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/NjTIqKNDlGk

I love P90 (Soapbar) pickups a lot as they are so honest (articulated) and so dynamic…they react extremely well to picking dynamics and volume change. Their sound is recognisable! And I love Goldtop Les Pauls so this guitar is just perfect in my eyes. The Goldtop finish emphasises the shape of the guitar and the beautiful carve of the top much more than a flame maple top as the flames…

This guitar is a 12 years old instrument, built by Gibson Custom Shop in an era when they produced much less guitars than nowadays…these are absolutely second to none quality instruments. I’ve had many “earlier” Custom Shop Les Pauls and many current models and while there are features on the newer ones I really like these earlier models are always impress me a lot! And this happened again! Awesome look, finish, playability and sound! Please be quick and buy this otherwise I keep it happily (I have far too many guitars in my personal collection but this one really really attracts me as it’s perfectly my style…)

So as you see it in the video the whole package (guitar, hard case and candy) are in MINT condition! It’s a very impressive package and very collectible as well! There are not many R6s around and definitely not in this condition…

With a new one running around £4800++ how about this barely played MINT one for much much less?