2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Gold Top (SOLD)

I’m selling this beautiful Gibson Les Paul Traditional Gold Top. It was made 2011 and since then it has been hardly played. Good as new, smells great! It’s got the bloody amazing Classic 57 pick ups and all the premium quality features and attention to details you would expect from Gibson.

It looks amazing! This colour looks the best on stage! Ask Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore or Slash…they all have a few Gold Tops in their arsenal and use these for photo shooting etc…

Just have a look at the pictures! It’s got one micro sized hairline crack behind the bridge (typical on Gold Tops) and a small nick on the back, I tried to show these on some of the pictures (I bet you won’t find them as these are really small sized ones) and I think these add extra mojo to the guitar (think about the relic’ed, roadworn or reissue series when they do these in the factory delibaretely ) It’s comes with the original case(with some scratches on it), manual and inspection sheet!
I’ve had so many Les Pauls in my life, just have a look at my website (Rolly’s Guitars) and in my opinion the Traditional range should be called the Standard as it’s based on the most sought after years of Les Pauls.
Non-chambered, classic blues/rock sounding pickups etc…

The Traditional model also means that it’s got extra warm sounding neck! Extra warm tone, extra sustain comparing to the Standard models! This is my favourite range of the current Les Paul line up, Gibson sell more Traditional models then Standards… This is a beast comparing to a modern days ultra chambered, slim neck, light weight Les Paul Standards with the overcomplicated electronics (coil tapping, phase inversion)…I prefer this…all my favourite Les Pauls are non-chambered.

It’s got a great low action, fantastic, perfect setup, spot on intonation. The rosewood grain on the fretboard looks cool too. It’s all original with the original hard case, good investment too!

£1250 SOLD

Body: 9 / 10 | Electrics: 10 / 10 | Neck: 10/10 | Case: 9 / 10