2022 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gibson Les Paul Custom

First of all, PLEASE WATCH MY WELL DETAILED, 4K, LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/9q8SS1LtXB4

This is such a legend: the “Custom”! The Gibson Les Paul Custom. What an absolute timeless beauty! And this is a 2022 model a 70th Anniversary Edition (have a look at that badge on the back of the guitar).

Finally it’s got a top graded ebony fretboard which is seriously the best stringed instrument fretboard material. There’s a reason why the Stradivarius violins (the most famous and expensive stringed instrument on the planet) had ebony fretboards…as that’s the best sounding / feeling material.

Also this model has the amazing 490R / 498T pickups that BB King had on his signature model. Another unique feature is the neck shape! This is thin but not too thin! It’s just so easy to play, and with the ultra low action (without buzzing) and silky smooth ebony fretboard feel it’s really a luxurious playing experience! And it sounds amazing, really! I really dig the sound of this guitar! Watch my demo video!

So this guitar, hard case and candy are all in MINT CONDITION. Watch my video where I show all the details!

This guitar is a very expensive guitar! Nearly £5K in the big shops but you can have this MINT / ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGE for much less! A guitar to be proud of!!! Even just looking at it…what a statement and really good investment (anniversary edition LP Custom…the value of these will go up every year significantly)