2012 Fender American Standard Ash Telecaster (SOLD)

The cleanest example on the market. Apart from a few micro scratches on the pick guard it’s a completely new guitar with its original hard case and all candy.

I think this is the best combination of colours and woods. Natural swamp ash body (optional extra!!!) and maple neck and fretboard! Also, the body is ONE PIECE I think as I can’t see any centre join! With its black pick guard it’s a completely iconic guitar!

You get the amazing twangy cut-through-the-mix sound that you would expect from an USA Standard Telecaster. Just have a look at the demo video. I was playing with a minimum amount of overdrive and all notes are crystal clear and in-the-face.

The setup of this guitar is second to none. You won’t get lower action without buzzing. It’s very easy to play. Plays like butter.

Today they sell at around £1150. You can have this is in original, unmolested and new condition for £750…

Guys, please pop in, test it, compare it with my others, you are more than welcome! I prefer buying/selling via personal visits so you can try them live. Also you’ve got the benefit of having a nice, 100% Arabica, freshly ground coffee with me 🙂