About Rolly's Guitars

We are a great little family run, independent business in South Warwickshire!

Rolly’s Guitars was founded by Rolly in 2012 and based in Southam, Warwickshire, UK. His wife Niki joined the business in 2014. Rolly’s Guitars is a full time internet guitar shop, with a very nice boutique music studio / showroom setup (that you can see on our latest Youtube videos).
So if you are local in the South – Warwickshire area, please e-mail us or call +44 (0) 794 764 45 84 and set up an appointment to visit.

With an eye for detail, real quality, and genuine care for our customers… we only buy and sell the best pre-owned guitars… and we guarantee satisfaction. Whether you are buying a set of strings or an expensive collectable guitar… it is our goal to make every Rolly’s Guitars customer, a repeat customer!

Rolly’s Guitars is a registered self employed (sole trader) business since 2012.
VAT registration number: 235566103



Owner / Founder / Guitarist

Rolly was taught classical music history and theory in his primary and secondary school years, but also listened to modern music. Eager to be a guitarist, Rolly was given an acoustic guitar from his parents. He learned to play many great songs and eventually asked for an electric guitar from Santa Claus. His wish was granted and he began receiving guitar lessons from some great guitar teachers who inspired him. Rolly then joined bands at secondary school and played music which he heard on the radio and was greatly influenced by. Rolly subsequently moved to Germany where he continued playing music for years, which he thoroughly enjoyed. In 2003-2006 he was part of a funk/rock band and performed a lot of great shows in Belgium, Germany, UK Rolly has been performing with his bands since 2006 and he now has a home recording studio where he does what he does best, which is composing and teaching music. Between 2009 and 2013 he worked with SoulAttic, a Birmingham based Soul band. They had lot of great club concerts and a number of their songs got air play at BBC Radio with one of their songs achieving a semi-finalist award at the Song of the Year competition. He graduated as a Music Producer at Staffordshire University in 2014. His current original band Blues Collusion released their debut album in 2017 and they are working on their second album. He also has a Santana tribute band called Very Santana! They play all around the UK, check them out when they play near you! You won’t be disappointed!



Owner / Accountant / Guitarist

She started playing on the guitar at the age of 10. She is a big fan of high quality, beautiful acoustic guitars. Currently, she owns a fantastic, limited edition Taylor 812ce electro-acoustic which is her pride and joy. She is going to run the Rolly’s Guitars acoustic guitar department! She is going to be the demonstrator of the acoustic guitars we sell. She also keeps the bills, invoices and accounts clean and sorted…

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