10 years can make a huge quality difference…

10 years can make a huge quality difference…well I’d rather say it’s a serious quality loss when it comes to POP music.
I’m sorry to say but POP music is getting worse and worse…nowadays it’s unlistenable for a musician…check this out:
first of all there’s less and less live instruments and musicanship in it (well, it’s 0 this year), and not even bloody singing skills needed to win British Awards in 2018…how can anybody win any music award without real instruments and with 0 singing, playing skills? British Awards should be renamed to British dancing and flashing awards…
Best female singer, best male singer and best album on British Awards:
2018: Dua Lipa, Stormzy, Dua Lipa
2008: Kate Nash, Mark Ronson, Artic Monkeys
1998: Shola Ama, Finley Quaye, The Verve
1988: Alison Moyet, George Michael, Sting