1997 Gibson ES-175

1997 Gibson ES-175

First of all, PLEASE WATCH MY WELL DETAILED, 4K, LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/hX650cqVuPk

This is a 27 years old (made in 1997), legendary archtop jazz guitar a Gibson ES-175 in excellent condition!

I think this guitar needs no introduction. It’s THE industry standard jazz box. Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass and a millions of jazz players use(d) this model. This beauty is ALL ORIGINAL, and it comes with its original Gibson brown hard case. It’s just a great collectible (less and less available as Gibson stopped producing these many many years ago) guitar and boy it sounds and plays great! As you can see and hear it on my demo video, this really plays like butter! It has a set of flatwound 11s on it that suits the guitar and the genre perfectly 😉

Somehow Gibson made this big body jazz guitar comfortable. I was playing on it all day long when I recorded the demo video. I couldn’t put it down and it was easy peasy. I think this is the reason why even ultra fast jazz guitarists such Pat Metheny liked this model! Comfort, feel and seriously HUGE sound!

This beauty comes with its original Gibson brown hard case which looks awesome too 🙂

It’s hard to find these TOP OF THE RANGE models with the FIGURED top, back and sides! It really plays, sounds and looks like a million bucks. There were some cheaper ones built with plain maple but this looks much better!