2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster Olympic White

First of all, PLEASE WATCH MY WELL DETAILED, 4K, LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/XE1VGMg5Lic

This is such a classic looking and sounding Fender Strat! A legendary colour / finish combination: Olympic White and maple fretboard. This beauty made me / inspired me to play Hendrix licks, Soul, Funk and Blues licks etc…as I said in the video I was wondering why would we need a more expensive guitar than this…this beauty literally delivers kinda everything that this whole “electric guitar” thing is about 🙂 I’m just joking but this is really really a great guitar! 2008 was a very good year of USA Standards…great pickups, great build quality, awesome sound and playability. Just watch the video I was enjoying this guitar so much…

This is the first when Fender introduced the 2 pivot deluxe tremolo with the vintage saddles (best of both worlds) and it’s a great trem it keeps the tuning quite well!

It does really sound like any good Strats…all the legendary sounds are there!

It has some playing marks but zero fret wear so someone was playing it at home…no dings, dents or buckle marks. Neck pocket is tight and no cracks there either. Everything is absolutely OK with it!

If you after a good American Standard Strat that is getting older & nicer (like myself) then this beauty is for you! This will only get better (like myself) and increase its value over the years (like myself)…

It comes with its Fender Hard Case and the original backplate! The whole package is great and enjoyable! For all the details watch my video please!