2014 Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary ’54 Stratocaster NOS

2014 fender custom shop 54 60th anniversary stratocaster


This is a highly collectible, limited,  anniversary edition Stratocaster! A 60th Anniversary NOS ’54 Stratocaster in Two Tone Sunburst. These guitars were part of a very limited run in 2014 and came with features that weren’t available and still not available on any other models! The most important one is the ONE PIECE, ULTRA LIGHT SWAMP ASH BODY! Yes it has a one piece body, so no centre join and no glue in the tonal centre of the guitar! These were produced as extremely accurate replicas of the original 1954 Strat, the only non period correct features are  the larger frets, 5 way pickup selector and 9.5 radius. As always most of them were “relic” or “heavy relic” editions…so a lot of fake marks on them…and only a few were NOS. And all of these were sold in a few days…

Early ’54 features including One Piece Ash Body, Round Hole Backplate with Serial number, the amazing sounding Custom Shop 54 pickups, Anniversary booklet (in the case) a 60th Anniversary Custom Shop Hard Case (AMAZING!!!!)…so the WHOLE PACKAGE IS SERIOUSLY COLLECTIBLE!!!

I tell you what folks: this is the lightest, loudest and best sounding Strat I’ve ever had here!!! I’m not kidding! Please check my LONG REVIEW / DEMO video. I can’t really tell why though. I mean which feature causes it? It can be the one piece body (no glue) or the amazing sounding pickups…or just a great combination of every nuances…Fender really did a great job! The guitar and the package looks, feels and sounds absolutely AMAZING! Just check the photos and my video for a well detailed explanation about this beauty!

So in terms of condition: the guitar has been played and it’s 9 years old so has some genuine ageing (like minimal nitro hairline cracks what look absolutely stunning),  some genuine playing marks, the frets have got about 98% of their life back, the ultra thin nitro finish on the back of the neck has gone (worn off or taken off, I have no idea but actually, I love this! It makes it less sticky! It gives an instant friendly, played in feel)…but these ageing are ALL NORMAL!!! I mean if you bought the “relic” or “heavy relic” version of these guitars those will be in MUCH “WORSE” condition straight outta factory…even the newer “Journey man relic” versions have more (fake) dings, marks and worn off neck!  Hence the price by the way! If it was an ultra mint (like most of my guitars) NOS guitar then the price would be at least £700-£800 more…please check my video I’m showing all of these!

This is a very nice, collectible Custom Shop Strat for a good price. It will increase its value dramatically….I’ve seen the new, official Fender Custom Shop price list for the next tax year (from April 2023) and nothing LITERALLY nothing like this will be available below £5K!!!! A “normal”, “standard” CS Strat will go for £4K+++….the current 75th Anniversary Custom Shop Strats go for £4.5K at the moment…with much less unique features…