2017 PRS Custom 24 10 Top

2017 PRS Custom 24 10 Top

First of all, PLEASE WATCH MY WELL DETAILED, 4K, LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/q1ldqSLL2V8 

Oh man WHAT A BEAUTY!!! Probably the most shockingly beautiful guitar we’ve had here for years…this is really a special one: PRS Custom 24 10 Top in River Blue which was a special run by Anderton’s Music and has “Wood Library” specs means that it’s not just a “normal” 10 top version but has a fantastic AAAAA graded flame maple neck and some astonishing mother-of-pearl bird inlays with a bit of black conturing…MAMMA MIA this is really a head turner.

And as you can see and hear it in the video it SOUNDS AMAZING (perfect intonation, very nice versatile tones) and plays like butter…as you can expect from a top end PRS guitar…these are not just art pieces but fantastic instruments….they play in tune and stay in tune like no other instruments on the market…I know what I’m talking about as I’ve been using them with my band on our “Very Santana” Tribute Shows in theatres and opera houses all around the UK…I use 2X PRS Custom 24 guitars and they are absolutely fantastic. Zero issues and they always sound great and they sound IN TUNE!!!

The neck profile is the ultra fast PATERN THIN and the pickups are 85/15. The AAAAA graded flame maple neck with satin finish is simply PERFECT! I ordered a custom built guitar with the same satin finish neck for myself as I think these are much better, warmer and friendlier than the lacquered necks.

So it’s from 2017, a special run by Andertons…PRS Europe confirmed to me that this was a limited run with Wood Library specs.

The whole package is all original and in MINT CONDITION including the hard case (please watch the video: I’m showing the hard case as well)!

Beautiful, MINT condition and with a new PRS Custom 24 10 Top costing nearly £5K, this one’s a very nice buy and a guaranteed head turner…actually it’s cheaper than a new non-1o top CU24…