2019 Fender American Original 60s Telecaster

Fender American Original 60s Telecaster Three Tone Sunburst

First of all PLEASE WATCH MY LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/GzE2u6J_B_s

This is a Custom Shop quality Telecaster without the CS bill. It sounds, plays, feels and looks second to none. I wouldn’t replace anything on it. All parts, pickups, frets even the radius and the nice and grainy rosewood fretboard are all just great. I think Fender did an amazing job on this series. I used to have a Lake Placid Blue American Original 60s Tele and a Candy Apple Red American Original 60s Strat and those were very very impressive! Same here. As you can hear it in my demo video this guitar has such a great tone and plays great! It just delivers what you can expect from a good Tele! I love the pickups. In all 3 pickup combinations the guitar sounds like it should 🙂 it delivers that Tele sound what you can hear from so many famous recordings!

This has an ULTRA THIN nitro finish. So this WILL and HAS ALREADY STARTED it’s natural ageing process. You can see how thin the nitro is on the video, in some angles you can see the wood grain really well. Even if you just leave the guitar on a guitar stand in your room it will start cracking, checking, fading…also it’s going to have chips and dents as you play on it but this is ALL GOOD! This is how it’s meant to be and makes the guitar YOUR guitar as it will react to the temperature changes in YOUR room and the acidity of YOUR hand, your playing style etc…it will look different than any other Teles from the same range! It will look unique! Teles don’t look nice when they are shiny new 🙂 also they have to be played hard 🙂 with at least a set of 10s on them and a bit higher action than normal! Tele is the real working man’s guitar!

So this guitar and the complete package are in VERY NEAR MINT CONDITION! No chips, dings, dents or buckle marks, absolute ZERO fret wear. So the guitar hasn’t been played. The only issue I’ve found is the finish started pulling off below the neck plate on the back (HENCE THE PRICE)…it’s really a small thing and maybe you wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t pointed it out! This is completely normal. Usually on these guitars the neck pocket starts losing the finish first…so when you take the neck off for adjusting the truss rod the finish cracks and starts falling off…this guitar only had a bit of finish loss below the neck plate! Check the photos please! It’s easily fixable, any luthier can sort it out as it’s really a cheap lacquer but I would leave it like that as the guitar WILL HAVE MANY MORE OF THESE 🙂 it was designed for this! A Custom Shop Relic’ Tele has some serious finish cracks, checks etc for about £2K extra…this is really small thing. and doesn’t effect anything.

The new price is £2K when it’s in stock…How about a super clean, barely or I’d rather say unused one for much cheaper? As I said the complete package is nice and mint.