2020 Fender Custom Shop ’56 Stratocaster NOS

First of all please watch my LONG REVIEW VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/JEwrsnVr0bU

This is a very new (only about a year old), very latest model (it really matters, as Fender and all the top companies are constantly working on their technologies to get more and more closer to the originals) , beautiful two tone sunburst Strat! What a great package! Not only the guitar, but the hard case and candy as well. The whole package is very special. Fender did an amazing job on these! As you can see and heard it in the video this a very well sounding, very comfortable instrument. I’m a bit biased as this has my favourite neck shape: 10/56 soft V. So this is not a small / thin neck and not a baseball bat U-shape neck, this is really comfy somewhere in the middle with 9.5” radius and absolutely perfectly done frets, bone nut and fretboard edges. So the action can be very low, no buzzing and doesn’t fret out.

The pickups are Custom Shop hand wound 50s, it has an ultra thin nitro finish with no fake relic’ing damages etc…this will age so beautifully! Actually this is probably the best colour for it! This will look better and better every year and obviously sound better and better as the wood gets drier and the finish gets thinner, older etc…fantastic!

The guitar is in very near mint condition with only a few little playing marks here and there! Please check the photos and my video about it! It still has the plastic protector on the back plate, hang tags on the hard case etc…as I said apart from a few little marks this package is in near mint condition!

I’m very biased with this as it’s kinda the Strat that I would order for myself for the Fender Custom Shop. It has all the specs I would choose! So be quick and buy it otherwise I keep this one as well 🙂

It comes with its perfect hard case (perfect as it’s my favourite tweed hard case with the big CustomShop logo inside – check the video), Certificate, Shop Floor Traveller, hang tags, all candy as always…