2020 PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut

First of all PLEASE WATCH DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/VFaZj0aytlg

This is the latest model PRS 594 with all the recent features they have developed in the last few years such as the new nitrocellulose finish, the TCI pickups and the new upgraded bridge and tuners…even the first series of the 594 guitars was amazing! There was one in my own personal collection and I played on it every day and had a very successful Very Santana tour with it! I loved kinda everything on it! Now I can stated that, this new model is even better. I love the friendlier, warmer feel of the finish and I dig the sound of the pickups! Absolutely spot on job, as you can expect from PRS. The quality control is definitely on the highest level in the guitar making industry. You won’t find any finish or design flaws. These are perfectly designed and built instruments. It stays in tune, intonate perfectly and produces serious amount of loud and clear overtones like no other guitars on the market.

The rosewood board is dark and grainy, the one piece non-chambered mahogany back looks as good as the gold top front…the inlays look amazing and they are PROPER MOTHER OF PEARL inlays instead of cheap plastic than on many (very expensive) guitars…bone nut and a lot of brass everywhere…what an instrument!!!!

This is literally in MINT CONDITION. It’s not been played, zero fret wear, no marks and it comes with its original hard case (it has a few little marks) and candy as you can see it on the pictures!