2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s

First of all PLEASE WATCH MY LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO WITH IT: https://youtu.be/DpaAf8U0m1g

This is a beautiful 2021 Iced Tea Burst Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s guitar and it’s only 8 months old…so it’s a very new guitar! It still feels and smells new! This is from the new Made in Nashville era and you can notice this immediately. It’s spotless. They really on a different level with quality control! This is a great example (I mean the quality of the flame maple top and the amount of red and black in the Iced Tea Finish is very well balanced – there are much worse looking examples of the same guitar on the market…) , a very well done sunburst and a tasty AAA flame maple top!

It plays great, sounds great! These are the best LP Standards from decades! This the fourth 2020/2021 LP Standard that I’ve had here and all of them were great, so it’s clearly a production improvement!

This beauty has one little chip on the rear edge as you can see it on the photos and in the video, a few little playing marks scuffs but no serious buckle marks or dings, dents (apart from that chip I’m talking about). Hence the price! That little chip saves a few hundred £££…

It comes with its hard case, Gibson toolkit and papers (check the photos please)!

This model sells new for £2300.++. Get this one in NEAR MINT (one little chip on the rear edge) condition with a great set up for much much less!