2022 PRS SE Custom 24-08 Eriza Verde

PRS SE Custom 24-08 Eriza Verde

First of all, PLEASE WATCH MY WELL DETAILED, 4K, LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/NdlYdW7FMoo

This is the latest model PRS SE Custom 24-08 from 2022. A very very innovative and high quality guitar for amazing price from the PRS SE range. I rest my case: PRS is the king of the lower budget guitar ranges (and the top price ranges as well). I tried to explain it in my video this “cheapest” Made in Indonesia PRS is much closer to the ultra expensive Made in USA PRS range than Gibson’s Epihone range or Fender’s Squier range. This is a really really good quality guitar with some amazing pickups, innovation, working tremolo, spotless fretwork etc…Please watch my video I also unveiled where the cut the cost etc…

This BEAUTY is in MINT CONDITION, no issues, chips, dents dings or buckle marks. All original, nice and clean. Zero fret-wear. As close to a new as a second hand guitar can be. It comes with its soft case.

This one’s offered in mint condition with a great setup included!!