Fender American Original 60s Telecaster

Fender American Original 60s Telecaster Fiesta Red

First of all PLEASE WATCH MY UNBOXING REVIEW VIDEO WITH IT: https://youtu.be/2_Cl4dFivcc

This has double bound alder body, very high quality dark rosewood fingerboard, American Vintage ’64 Gray-Bottom Tele pickups, an ultra thin nitro finish and bone nut…Absolutely cracking example in this classic / legendary colour! It’s in great condition, apart from some minimal playing marks on the back this beauty looks spotless! This has a very very sensitive nitro finish so it develops some ageing marks and cracks even if you just look at it but this guitar has NONE of these yet! So it’s a very looked after instrument!

This was a very sought after / popular model, all sold out very quickly as it made the Custom Shop Teles fight for their market…this provides everything what a Custom Shop Tele provides for £1500 more…so this is HALF THE PRICE of a Custom Shop Tele! And this gives you all: amazing pickups, great rosewood board, double bound body, nitro finish…maybe this is the reason why Fender stopped producing this model?

Comes with Fender vintage hard case (it’s in very near mint condition) and case candy.

These are out of stock (discontinued) everywhere but you can get this super duper all original example so don’t hesitate too long if you want a top of the range USA Tele without the Custom Shop price tag!