Instant, fast, cheap, low-quality, mass made, processed and unhealthy…

How many times have you heard these words? Probably not enough times! We are in the era of low quality, unhealthy, mass produced stuffs…lack of uniqueness…and it’s your fault too!

If you don’t think about what to consume, what to take in then you will be fed with instant, fast, very damaging, mass produced unhealthy garbage!

Do research! Every info is available in a sec! You can check what is it made of, where was it produced, who produced it, what do they use it for the production etc…you can get more info within 2 minutes than within 1 year of researching 30 years ago…all the info are in your pocket (smart phone) and/or on your wrist (smart watch)….use them! Don’t consume shit!

No this post is not about food. It’s about MUSIC! Hope you have realised it!