2023 PRS Modern Eagle V Wood Library 10 Top (ON HOLD)


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First of all, PLEASE WATCH MY WELL DETAILED, 4K, LONG REVIEW / DEMO VIDEO about this beauty: https://youtu.be/7TYWMzvE45w

This is a shockingly beautiful and innovative instrument. The Modern Eagle V is the pinnacle of guitar building and innovation by the most innovative company. Everything that Mr Paul Reed Smith (who is the Steve Jobs of the guitar industry) knows and likes on a guitar is present. The fantastic latest model TCI pickups that sound amazing both in humbucker and single coil mode (without dropping the gain and volume when you switch to single mode)…They sound great individually but more importantly the “in between combination” sounds are awesome too! Just check my video, I was able to test maybe half of the sounds that this guitar provides and all were amazing.

This guitar is a Wood Library edition so above 10 Top…amazing top and ebony fretboard on a bloody awesome looking a feeling satin AAA graded flame maple neck. Proper  highest grade mother-of-pearl inlays, a tremolo that stays in tune and overall the guitar plays and stays in tune better than any other branded guitars…

The Modern Eagle V is based on the PRS McCarty model but it’s the top of the range version with all bells and whistles PRS can offer. It has the same body thickness, weight, balance, scale length as the normal PRS McCarty model.

Well what can I say about the finish? I think this nitrocellulose lacquered River Blue is my absolute favourite guitar finish nowadays. It’s just wonderful.

It also comes with a very posh hard case and obviously all candy, hangtag etc…(watch the video, check the photos please)

I tell you what the whole package feels, looks and even smells like a million bucks…and feels, looks and smells new. No issues. ABSOLUTE MINT condition.

This was originally sold by Sound Affects Premier for £6200 (it’s still on their website as a sold item)…and it’s kinda in the same condition for much less.

With a new normal 10 top one running £5500, get this barely played 2023 made much more expensive guitar for kinda the same money… Treat yourself! This is something really special!

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